There are about half a million illegal migrants living in Poland


According to data of NGOs, about half a million illegal migrants live in Poland. In the first place these are Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Armenians and Vietnamese. As Polish Mass Media reports the main reason of illegal state of the citizens of foreign countries is difficult situation of residence legalization, which needs much time and means.

According to data of Department on Foreigners’ Problems MOI of Poland, the number of legal migrants reaches 97 thousand. These data are based on the number of issued permissions on residence.

However, new law about foreigners assumes migration amnesty, more known under the name “abolition”, for illegal migrants. Abolition is applied to persons living in Poland for several years. They get right to live on the territory for two years with possibility to prolong it. reports that this will also give an opportunity to work legally.

On October 22, 2010 migrants illegally living on the territory of Poland made an action nearby the Parliament of the country with a demand to apply migration amnesty.