NGOs: Ukrainians should not be afraid of migrants


A discussion took place in Uzhgorod about how Ukrainians should get out of stereotypes concerning illegal migrants. There were representatives of member-organizations of Refugee Council in the meeting.

Ukrainian Refugee Council was found in 2008. Nowadays, 12 NGOs are in composition of it taking care of social, medical, psychological and legal problems of refugees. The asylum seekers are supplied with food and medicines, legal advice is given, and human rights keeping are observed. Besides, benefactors make efforts in order to help Ukrainians to get rid of prejudice against migrants. For this purpose they promised to make more open access to TACs and TDCs for these places not looking like mysterious reservations. Local residents, as experts say, sometimes are frightened by “difference” of migrants and even distinction in the colour of the skin.

Open-door days

According to the words of Hannusi Tarkaniy, coordinator of Uzhgorod press-club, already the nearest time open-door days will take place for journalists and every person willing to have a visit to Temporary Accommodation Centres in Mukachevo and Chop. Besides, participators of forum reported about the start of the project “From interaction to partnership: intensification of potential of Ukrainian Refugee Council”. The goal of the project is to attract as many as possible charitable organizations and public.

Author: Natalya Zotova (source: