International Amnesty: Ukrainian border guards beat up 14 refugees (refreshed)


Regional representation of UNO on refugees issues on the territory of Ukraine, Belarus and Moldavia (UNHCR) and organization Amnesty International confirm the fact of beating and other breaches of the rights as to one and a half dozen of Afghani refugees asking asylum in Ukraine.

It was announced by Maksym Butkevych, the press-secretary of UNHCR in Ukraine. According to information of Amnesty International, refugees whose lives being in danger in their motherland were beaten by the officers of border forces.

As to the words of M. Butkevych, Afghani refugees are attempted to be deported now from the country because of violation of the standards of Ukrainian and International right.

“It is a clear prove of the fact that system of asylum assignment in Ukraine does not work. Today it concerns these 14 Afghani refugees, tomorrow it will touch someone else”, – UNHCR representative reports.

Before, on June 22, 2010, International organization Amnesty International called Ukraine to create active system of asylum assignment and start fair procedure on execution of refugee status. Human rights activists asserted that Kyiv does not fulfil international agreements in this sphere.