Uzbek illegal migrant wanted to get to Turkey, but set off to durable voyage


Illegal migrant, 20-year-old citizen of Uzbekistan, was detected on the board of Turkish vessel arriving to the port “Yuzhnyi”(Odessa) from Italian one “Ravena”. The officers of SBSU informed the representatives of agents firm about the passenger “stowaway”. The border guards used measures watching him not to run out of the ship. During the talk with the Uzbek, Ukrainian law enforcement agents established that he got on the boar on February 14 at night and was hiding in the false-pipe. He hoped for the boat under the Turkish flag would come into one of the ports of that country soon where Uzbek planned to be employed. At night after two nights after entering the vessel “stowaway” came out of hide in the search of water and food, and at that very moment he was noticed by the members of the vessel crew.

On the way from Russian port “Novorosiysk” to Italy the vessel stopped for outer raid of the port Istanbul. A lawyer from Embassy of Uzbekistan in Turkey arrived to illegal migrant and issued him a document for return to Uzbekistan. Till that moment the migrant had only the Xerox copy of the passport, the rest of the documents he lost.

The competent bodies in Italian port refused him in permission to land. During the period when the vessel was at Ukrainian port illegal migrant was under constant control of the border guards. At the present moment the voyage of the Uzbek goes on. Today the vessel started from the port “Yuzhnyi”.