Illegal migrants planning to get to Germany stopped at the Police District Department in Ternopil


In the end of March Ternopil law enforcement agents detained five illegal migrants.

At about 10 p.m. the car was moving to the western border, stopped at the petrol station nearby the district centre Zbarazh, Ternopil region. While the workers of auto service were serving the car driven by 25-year-old foreigner unknown persons climbed out of the truck and ran in unknown direction.

The law enforcement agents are establishing now what made illegal migrant to act in such a way. Probably the conditions of several-day trip were unbearable, lack of food or some other reasons. There was pregnant woman among the detainees who had to give a birth to a baby soon. Probably just she who did not bear the durable trip and needed medical aid. Anyway, illegal migrants cut out the awning in the truck and ran in different directions.

Ternopil policemen learnt about the escape of the illegal migrants. They detained two runaways at the highway where foreigners intended to stop passing transport. Three more persons connected with human traffic were found in the forest at night by the workers of Subdivisions on Fight against Crimes.

The foreigners did not have any documents identifying them.

25-year-old driver of the car transporting illegal migrants crossed custom border of Ukraine in the area of check point “Porubne” in Chernivtsi region. Conditions of people’s transporting are impressive. The woman and four men stayed in a small specially equipped hiding place where they had meals and slept at least four days.

Vehicle was taken by policemen to terminal of customs in Ternopil. Administrative protocols were drawn up concerning illegal migrants.