The flow of illegal migrants through western border of Ukraine within each year is notable shortened


The similar dynamic is observed also at other areas of the border. How are these tendencies explained?

Yet in the year 2009 in the course of the first quarter 640 person were detained for attempts to cross the border in the western border, so this year only 240 such persons were detected. It is less in two and half times though at all five areas of the western border: Polish, Romanian, Moldavian Hungarian and Slovakian – it was informed by Detsche Welle in State Border Service of western region.

The stable number of illegal migrants’ detentions is at Moldavian and Slovakian areas of the border, however the dynamics of shortening here is also positive. And the least number of illegal migrants is arrested at Romanian border. The flow of illegal migrants from Georgia is decreased roughly. The trespassers with citizenship of Pakistan, Egypt, Vietnam and Bangladesh are practically disappeared who still some years ago were at the first place. However, border guards regard that the actively stable remain Moldavians who have the easiest way to get to Ukraine.

Africa can make a mess

The flow of illegal migrants trying to use Ukraine as a transit to Europe is shortened at all areas of the border – informed Pavlo Shysholin, the head deputy of State Border Service of Ukraine. At the same time he did not exclude strain political situation in Africa and the East, the picture can be changed. However, according to his words a tendency is observed that illegal migrants choose Balkan way instead of Ukraine as a transit route. Shysholin also added that nowadays the scheme of getting into Ukraine is also changed. Before majority of illegal migrants entered Ukraine by illegal way, so now 70% of them do it on legal basis buying tourist permit or drawing up a visa.