The head of smuggling group was caught in Uzhgorod


The officers of SSU in Transcarpathia in the frames of previous institution of criminal case on the signs of crime commitment foreseen by Part 2 Article 332 of Criminal Code of Ukraine found the accused person participating in organization of illegal transportation of five foreigners to Slovakia who for a long time was hiding from the Bodies of pretrial investigation.

In the beginning of April 2010 a resident of one of the border village in Transcarpathia proposed to a inhabitant of Uzhgorod to take part in illegal transportation of five illegal migrants (three citizens of Pakistan and two persons from Afghanistan) through the state border of Ukraine for the rewards of 300 UAH.

However, the person agreed to deliver illegal migrants was apprehended in a half way to a place of destination by servicemen of Chop Border Detachment. The organizer following his accomplice by another car succeeded to run. On May 4, 2011 the officers of SSU found the deliberate in one of entertaining centers of Uzhgorod (pub) and arrested him together with border guards.

Investigation goes on.