In Luhansk region the officers of SSU stopped the channel of illegal migration of the citizens from Afghanistan to the countries of Western Europe


According to the plans of the malefactors the route of illegal transportation of Afghanis had to go through the territory of Russia, south and west of Ukraine and then by a sea way to European ports. On April 28, 2011 three citizens of Luhansk region smuggled five Afghanis from Russia to the territory of Ukraine in the area of customs point “Dolzhanskyi” and took them to the town of Svedrlovsk where foreigners had to wait for the departure to Luhansk. But the foreigners were arrested in the flat which malefactors rented for illegal migrants.

As it was established later the group of illegal migrants was going to Sweden. All illegal trip cost them some thousand dollars, in particular, the transportation through the Russian-Ukrainian border comprised $1,5 thousand.

A criminal case on Part 2 Article 332 of Criminal Code of Ukraine is investigated by the Security Service of Ukraine concerning the group of persons, who supplied the foreigners with illegal transportation through the state border of Ukraine according to prior collusion. In accordance with the court decision, citizens of Afghanistan were expelled from the territory of Ukraine.