Five Afghanis intended to brake through Uzhgorod to Slovakia by “Mercedes”


Border guards of BS “Knyagynya” of Chop BS detained 5 men of African appearance. The trespassers were moving towards the border on Slovakia and did not reach some 100 metres.  Detainees did not have any documents. It was established later on that they were citizens of Somalia. Travellers in the age of 16-19 years old in the search of better life in the countries of European Union were braking to Slovakia. The establishment of persons participating in the transportation of illegal migrants is now under the procedure.

Five more travellers from Afghanistan were detained at night at petrol station in the suburb of Uzhgorod.

In the frames of operative-preventive action “Prophylaxis” border guards together with SSU workers detected illegal migrants. They were transported by a resident of Ivano-Frankivsk region by car «Mercedes Vito»