Travelers from Somalia and Afghanistan were apprehended at the border on Slovakia


Five men of African appearance were detained by the border guards of BS “Knyagynya” of Chop detachment. The trespassers were moving towards the border on Slovakia and did not reach just 100 meters. Detainees did not have any documents, however, as it was established later they were citizens of Somalia. The travelers of the age 16-19 years old being in the search of better destiny in the countries of European Union were stealing into Slovakia. At the present moment the persons participating in smuggling of illegal migrants are established.                               

Five more travelers, but this time from Afghanistan, were arrested at the petrol station in the suburb of the town of Uzhgorod. They were detected in the frames of operative-preventive programme “Prophylaxis” by the border guards together with SSU officers. Illegal migrants were transported by two citizens of Ivano-Frankivsk region by car.