More than 500 illegal migrants were expelled from Ukraine during this month


Illegal migrants are massively evicted from the country. Kharkiv law enforcement agents carry out raids at the markets and railway stations of the city. People with exotic appearance are checked documents and established whether they stay in Ukraine legally.

Police reports: during three weeks of June 2011 they made more than 500 persons to evict the country.

Vladimir Demchenko (deputy head of Administration on Issues of Citizenship of MOI): Special attention is paid to railway stations and bus depots during the check of the territory, where foreigner citizens are established who avoid legalization of their presence on the territory of Ukraine thereby choosing the way of migration between the regions. At the present moment, since the beginning of 2011 – 4210 protocols have been recorded on administrative responsibility – these are Articles connected with violation of the terms of stay by the foreign citizens on the territory of Ukraine.