10 illegal migrants from Afghanistan and Uzbekistan were apprehended in Transcarpathia


Recently, the officers of Chop border detachment together with Security Service of Ukraine in Transcarpathia stopped the minibus to check in the suburb of the village Barvinok.  There were suspicious persons inside the car. As it was established later these were eight citizens of Afghanistan: three men and two women with three under age children of 8-9 years old, the youngest child was not even a year yet. Afghanis were moving towards the state border intending to get to the countries of European Union aiming at further trip and search of better destiny. At the present moment they are in TDC in Chop and will be kept until the establishment of circumstances of the infringement.

During some days border guards detected two suspicious persons while checking the train Kharkov-Uzhgorod in one of the coaches who were as if travelling to Uzhgorod. As it was established later, the “guests” were 40 (man) and 43-year old (woman) citizens of Uzbekistan. According to their words, they also intended to reach one of EU countries in order to get refugee status.

Source: http://ua-reporter.com/novosti/106164