Less than 10% of detained illegal migrants by the border guards are immigrants from the countries of migration risk


In the first six months of the year 2011 the officers of State Border Service of Ukraine detected 3965 illegal migrants the number of which became sufficiently less in 2,7 times in comparison with the analogues period in 2010. This tendency marked during the last years says about efficiency of SBS work in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies and border services of the neighbouring countries.

The tendency as to the change of structures of illegal migration is also observed. More and more illegal migrants – citizens of CIS countries arrive. Nowadays, their part comprises almost 90% and only 9,4% detained illegal migrants are the immigrants from the countries of migration risk. In addition to that 549 illegal migrants were apprehended for illegal cross of the border which is 27% less.

The decrease in the number of rejects to potential illegal migrants is marked in the check point inUkraine. It says also about that organizers and illegal migrants know about difficulty to enter theterritoryofUkrainiangovernment and it is already impossible to do it as a security level in the check points is of high quality.

Source: http://www.ihrpex.org/uk/article/965/menshe_10_zatrymanyh_prykordonnykamy_nelegaliv_-_vyhidtsi_z_krajin_migratsijnogo_ryzyku