Two thirds of all illegal migrants are detained in Transcarpathia


In the course of three years State Border Service of Ukraine renewed substantively its mobile structure and technical arsenal. This modernization cost 200 million UAH to Treasury. The budget money were spent on purchase of 1,5 thousand cars as well as of sufficient number of quadricycles, motorcycles and snowmobiles. Also 23 patrol cutters were bought. This information was provided at the online press-conference in agency “Our product” reported by chairman deputy of State Border Service of Ukraine, colonel-general Pavel Shysholin. According to his words, 23 navigation station appeared in the arsenal of Ukrainian border guards as well as mobile thermal imagers, new working places were formed, technical devices for radiation control were purchased, etc. On opinion of the chief border guard of the country, all this sufficiently increased the efficiency of the work of the department. Besides, the work on creation of the first patrol cutter by Ukrainian production and the first domestic ship is on the stage of completion.

The efficiency of work with contrabandists has been essentially raised in a result of the purchase of three modern patrol planes. It is possible to “spot” even a matchbox from the height of 300-400 m and to identify it. According to the words of colonel-general the use of patrol plane has already allowed to detect six illegal bases where fuels and lubricants were kept. Luhansk region (the longest length of the border –700 km), Summy region (Moscow direction, popular among smugglers), and traditionally difficult places for work in the sea ports – these are the “hottest” points for the border guards.

Leadership on problems with illegal migrants confidently keeps Transcarpathia – two thirds of illegal migrants are detained here, and the cost of the transportation of illegal migrants through the state border varies from $2 to 10 thousand.

«Every day of the border guard is as if at war. Each time there are detentions at the border points as well as on the other territory. According to the words of P.Shysholin, the most popular things for the contrabandists still are sin tax goods, especially cigarettes. It is stipulated by the fact that tobacco goods are considerably cheaper in Ukraine in comparison with neighbouring countries.