Two defectors from Georgia were apprehended in Transcarpathia


Border detail noticed the silhouettes of two men with the help of portable infrared imager at about5 a.m. in the distance of300 m before the line of the state border. These men were running towards Ukrainian-Slovakian border. A reaction group started to that area and detained two citizens of Georgia50 m of the state border.

Men having passports for travelling abroad arrived to Ukraine by plane “Batumi–Kharkov”. Taking the first train arrived to Lviv Georgians and then set out to Western Ukraine. On their arrival, travellers took taxi at once and went to Transcarpathia. Orienting by the map, Caucasians decided to cross border on Slovakian Republic and then make their way to France where their relatives live.

Now detainees are in the detention centre of Chop Border Detachment until establishment of circumstances of the infringement.