Border guards prevented the escape of convicted Somali


Border guards of Chop Detachment prevented the escape of the citizens of Somalia who intended to avoid punishment after court sentence. The illegal migrant was detained on August 12, 2011 nearby the border in the suburb of the village Kamynytsya in Transcarpathia. The judge of Transcarpathian District Court announced a sentence to 19-year-old citizen of Somalia in a form of imprisonment for the term of 12 months and when the term of imprisonment comes to an end the refugee will be compulsory expelled from the territory of Ukraine. During the transportation of detainee from the courtroom to detention centre of Chop Detachment the Somali was trying to escape. When the convoyed car was stopped he pushed off the border guard and kicking the door intended to jump out of the car. However, his attempt was stopped at once by a staff of convoy. Documents were prepared as to the very citizen on calling him to administrative account in accordance with Article 185-10 of Code of Ukraine on Administrative Infringements (Intentional disobedience to legal order or requirement of the serviceman or the worker of State Border Service of Ukraine).