4 illegal migrants from Somalia were apprehended in the border in Transcarpathia


On October 3, border guards of BS “Uzhgorod” of Chop Border Detachment together with workers of MOI detected a group of illegal migrants from Somalia in the evening. The violators were succeeded to be detained due to operative information received by the border guards the day before.

Minibus Mercedes driven by Ukrainian was stopped by the border guards for check in a border zone. Four men of the age 17 to 22 years old of African appearance sitting in the bus did not have any documents. Each of them reported about their wish to get to the countries of European Union. The driver of the minibus confessed that some more unfamiliar persons he dropped off nearby.

Documents were drawn up as to detainees on calling them to administrative responsibility. The trespassers were delivered to border department, the investigation is hold.

Generally, during 9 month of the current year State Border Service of Ukraine detained 934 persons. There were 308 persons – citizens of Moldova and Georgia among the majority of the detainees, 155 citizens of Afghanistan and 104 Somalis.

Source: http://ua-reporter.com/novosti/108347