Family from Syria under the cover of night wanted to rush the border of Transcarpathia


Late in the evening, border guards of BS “Luzhanka” detained three persons – two adults: woman and man and their minor son in the distance of 1000 m from the state border line in the suburb of the village Astey, Berehovo district. As it was established during the interview, detainees were citizens of Syria. Also in the course of primary questioning, detainees reported about their arrival to Ukraine by plane from Syria to Turkey, and then they came to Ukraine, namely to Odessa. The Syrians stayed inOdessa2 months and rented a flat for residence. Then, they took taxi to the village Astey, Berehovo district. The citizens of Syria learned about the state border of Ukraine with Hungarian Republic from the Internet. Now, detainees are in the detention centre of Chop BD. The court will decide their future destiny.