13 thousand illegal migrants were expelled from Ukraine


In 2011 Ministry of Interior detected 13,3 thousand illegal migrants on the territory of Ukraine, of them 13 thousand were expelled beyond the borders of the country.
This information was provided by the Minister of Interior Vitaliy Zakharchenko. According to his words, 1,8 thousand illegal migrants had to be deported from the country in forced order. He also marked that 55 thousand foreigners were called to administrative responsibility for the break of the legislation on legal status of the foreigners. In addition to that V.Zakharchenko mentioned that 20 thousand Ukrainians were also called to administrative responsibility violation of the present legislation as well as 1,3 thousand juridical persons.
Source: http://www.golosua.com/main/article/politika/20120117_iz-ukrainyi-vyidvoreno-13-tyisyach-nelegalov-mvd