The citizens of Somalia tried to get to EU countries with forged documents

On January 16, the border guards of Belgorod-Dnistrovk Detachment serving the check point “Starokozache” detected documents belonging to bearer. There were forged marks done by the representatives of State Border Service.
During the registration of the regular bus making its route from Odesa to Kishinev the officers of Border Department paid attention to man who was travelling with three children. 29-year-old passenger was the citizens of Denmark who as if was travelling with his children. However, during the check of the documents it was cleared out that passport really belonged to this man but children were travelling with strange documents. There was also a woman with a child detected in the bus who presented the documents of citizens of Great Britain for control. Their documents also belonged to someone else. The thing is that law enforcement agents detected forged marks in all documents of the representatives of State Border Service. In the course of the check one more document was found at woman for one more child.
As it was clarified later, the man came to Ukraine in order to help the citizen of Somalia and her children to get to the countries of EU. On this purpose he took some passport document with him. In addition to that passports were of his children. They decided to get to European countries through the neighbouring Moldova for some reason or other expecting that on this direction they will successfully cross the border. One more Somali helped them in preparation to illegal trip. But they were not managed to be left unnoticed as border guards in the south exposed such cunning “travellers” not for the first time. At the present moment all conditions of infringement are established now. The citizen of Denmark and Somalia will probably be called to criminal responsibility according to Article 332 of CCU “Illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine”.