Meeting of the head of SMS of Ukraine with Regional Represenative of UNHCR took place


On February 1, 2012 the head of State Migration Service of Ukraine Mykola Kovalchuk conducted the meeting with representative of UNHCR Oldrih Andrisek.

The main topic of the meeting was discussion of the generally recognized world standards of holding foreigners, who pretend to get refugee status and also improvement of the procedure of submission of corresponding applications in Ukraine.

The parties also discussed separately the situation happened at Temporary Holding Facility “Volynskyi” for foreigners and stateless persons, who illegally stay inUkraine. They also exchnaged opinions on ways of normalization the situation and peculiarities in treating asylum seekers of Somali origin. In the course of the meeting the head of SMS of Ukraine stressed that all persons kept at THF have equal rights regardless of the country of their origin.

Besides, in their communication, Mykola Kovalchuk and Oldrih Andrysek stopped on the concrete aspects of cooperation and defined the priorities on short-term perspectives.

There were also other participants of the meeting: the first head deputy of SMS Viktor Sheibut and director of Refugee Department Nataliya Naumenko.