13 thousand illegal migrants were expelled from Ukraine in 2011


There are 310 thousand foreigners registered in Ukraine.

In the year 2011,Ukraine expelled 13 thousand illegal migrants. Besides, 55 thousand foreigners and 21 thousand citizens of Ukraine were called to administrative responsibility for the violation of the rules on stay.

Public prosecutor commenced 9 criminal cases according to the results of human rights activity in the sphere of observing the laws on migration and refugees, counteraction to xenophobia display. 229 documents of prosecutor’s reaction were listed. According to the results of their consideration – 164 persons were called to responsibility.

Herewith, General Prosecuting Magistracy of Ukraine made references to necessity of grounding decisions on foreigners’ expel and directed a letter to its regional sub departments, which obliged prosecutors to activate the work in the sphere of counteraction to race and religion intolerance display.
“An attention is paid to the accuracy in defining grounds of migrants’stay in Ukraine, relevance of decisions on refugees’ expel, observance of the rights of the citizens of Ukraine and foreign states in cases on administrative infringements of this category by the bodies of Interior and territorial bodies of Migration Service” – it was said in a statement.

Also General Prosecuting Magistracy (GPM) stresses upon the necessity to ensure the observance of foreigners’ rights and prevention of rouse of national, race and religious hostility during Euro-2012, Football Championship.

GPM mentioned that 310 thousand foreigners are registered in Ukraine and their sufficient number stays in the country without legal grounds.

In the middle of February, Cabinet of Ministers allowed to enter Ukraine and stay for permanent residence for 8 thousand foreigners and stateless persons. In such a way, the government increased this quota for 622 foreigners in comparison with the year 2011.

Source: http://ukranews.com/uk/news/ukraine/2012/02/29/65225