Border guards detained Somalis, who were carried in hands over the river


Border guards of BS “Dilove” of Mukachevo Detachment detained two under age citizens of Somalia. During the check of the vehicles law enforcement agents detected two dark-skinned boys inside the car. They did not have any documents identifying their personality. According to the words of the boys they were 15 and 17 years old and they were citizens of Somalia.  One of the boys was taken to the hospital because he froze his arm and needed medical aid.

Five more travellers were detained by the border guards of BS “Stanchyno-Luhanske” of Luhansk Detachment, who also travelled without documents. Stopping two cars nearby the settlement Gerasymivka, law enforcement agents detected four men and a woman of the age 19-24 years old. They were also citizens of Somalia, who confessed in their intentions to get to the countries of Western Europe.

Border guards detained three citizens ofUkrainewho smuggled these citizens. According to the explanations of 31 and 56-year old Ukrainians, they transported the foreigners illegally through the ford of the river Derkul. Men dressing up the fishing clothes took the migrants on their back in order not to wet their clothes. Detained citizens ofUkrainewere handed over to MOI. All the circumstances of the violation are established now.