Chechen family with children intended to get to Austria through Transcarpathia


During the last days border guards of Chop Detachment detained 4 citizens of Russia in the area of BS “Uzhgorod” (Slovakian border). Detained illegal migrants were residents of Chechnya, therewith they were spouses. They took two little children (5 and 6 years old) into a trip. It should be mentioned that the family got to the territory of Ukraine legally and with correspondingly processed documents. However, they had to stay in Kyiv. According to the explanations of the very detainees, they planned to get to Austria in order to improve their living conditions. At present, the checking measures are undertaken. Their further destiny will be decided by the court.

Ukrainian-Slovakian area of the border has already become active as to the number of illegal migrants long ago.  Altogether, during the last year the number of attempts to cross the border in this direction decreased in 22%.