Illegal migrants from Africa break to Hungary through Transcarpathia


Five citizens of Somalia were detained in Transcarpathian region, who intended to cross illegally the border to Hungary.

The border guards of BS “Kosyno” of Mukachevo Detachment apprehended four citizens without documents in the suburb of inhabited area Popovo on March 21. According to the words of the detainees, they were citizens of Somalia intending to get illegally to Hungary.

One more Somali person having also no documents was detained a km before the border. Later it was learned that all of them arrived to Transcarpathia with the help of unknown person. Then, during some period they were hiding at one of the abandoned farms in Berehovo district.

At present moment, detainees are at Chop detention centre, their destiny will be decided by the court.

There are measure undertaken on establishing the circumstances of infringement and the circle of persons participating in this delinquency.