Two Ukrainians transporting 6 stateless persons will have to pay the fine


The officers of BS “Vinnytsya” together with workers of SMVI (State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate) stopped two cars to check at the crossroads of highways “Vinnytsya-Lhmelnytskyi_Mogeliv-Podilsk”. The cars were driven by two citizens of Vinnytsya. Their passengers were 6 migrants from African continent. They had no any documents identifying their personality.

During the filtration measures it was learned that these were five Africans – migrants from Somalia and one of their friend was Syrian. Before, each of them received the certificate about appeal on granting them refugee status on the territory of Ukraine. In this connection they were released. However, the drivers are to pay a fine from 3400 to 8300 UAH as they violated the order on assignment of means of transport to stateless persons.