Kharkiv border guards detained 4 illegal migrants


Four illegal migrants were apprehended in Kharkiv region. Receiving information from SSU workers in Kharkiv region about possible crossing of the border, border guards detained two citizens of Vietnam already in some hours in the area of responsible department “Tymofiivka”. They tried to get to the territory of Russia beyond the check point. Some hours later the officers of BS “Vovchansk” of Kharkiv Detachment stopped a citizen of Tanzania and citizen of Nigeria nearby the border. They made their way to Russian Federation as well.

Henceforth, it was clarified that foreigners aimed at getting to Russian capital, where, according to their words, they wanted to find some work with bigger income. They could not get to the territory of Russia legally because they did not have visas, so they decided to cross the state border in such a way.