Transcarpathian residents get millions by smuggling illegal migrants


Somalis, Afghans, Vietnamese, Moldavians, Russians…go through the border of Transarpathian region to the countries of European Union

Organizers and guides of the schemes of illegal transportation of migrants from the countries of the third world earn millions, – it was established by the journalists.

However, the very migrants get only delusive chance to get to EU for their money. Thus, in the course of the last year border guards succeeded to catch about 1500 illegal migrants. Since the beginning of 2012, about 100 persons were apprehended. Nevertheless, border guards confess that every year hundreds of foreigners manage after all to cross the border unnoticed. So, in the end of December 2011 in Transcarpathian at the border with Slovakia, 9 Afghans and their guide were detained.

“India, China, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Somalia, Kenya – these are main countries from which illegal migrants get here. Considering statistics, since the beginning of 2009 till nowadays the number of illegal migrants coming to Ukraine has comprised 5,5 thousand persons. The very active area is Slovakian border – 67% of migrants are caught directly there” – it was reported by the head of Administration of State Border Service of Ukraine, Viktor Lukyanets. In particular, according to data of Slovakian police 495 migrants got there through Ukraine. For all that, the length of Ukrainian-Slovakian border is just 100 km.

Basically, these criminal groups are strictly coordinated on the territory of Ukraine as well as in Russia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland” – Lukyanets marked.

Experts say that the majority of migrants arrive to Ukraine from Somalia and Afghanistan. The organizers transport illegal migrants by big groups, in advance they get just the earnest. The rest sum is given after the delivery of illegal migrants to Europe.

“From Afghanistan they get to the countries of former USSR” – Sergey Tkachenko underlined (deputy head of SSU department in Transcarpathian region). According to his words, transit channel of illegal migrants goes through Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan. Then, they get to Moscow – it is the main transshipment point on the way to Europe. Migrants come to Ukraine illegally through eastern areas of the border. The chief transit towns in Ukraine are Kharkiv – Kyiv, Vinnytsya – Ivano Frankivsk – Uzhgorod. The final point of their destination is EU countries.

As the very detained illegal migrants reported, transportation from Afghanistan to Europe costs $ 12-20 thousand. Transcarpathians directly earn from $ 2,5 to 3,5 thousand per each person. 80% of migrants get to Ukraine by transit through Russian Federation, on the territory of which majority of them get absolutely legally.

“Russia issues them visas, as they understand there that their country is not the final target of the migrants. Russia is a transit point from which everybody tries to get to other countries… and migrants from Afghanistan and Somalia, who arrived to Ukraine before and legalized here are the main organizers of illegal transportations are foreigners”, – Viktor Lukyanets said. According to his words, the route to Europe through Ukraine is alternative. The principle route is Afghanistan – Iran – Turkey – Greece.

It is worth to mark that in order to overcome the existing problem in Ukraine it is insistently recommended to create systems of migrants’ calculation and actively work upon the security of documents. In particular, European Commission urgently advises to use biometrical identification of migrants and introduce electronic travel documents (biometric passports for travelling abroad).

Experts also suppose that migrants and refugees should be issued biometric cards protected from forgery excluding the use by third persons.

Before, INTERPOL has also seriously thought about realization of programmed of global e-ID-card for migrants.