Six citizens of Georgia were caught in Luhansk and Sumy regions


Russian and Ukrainian transporting 4 citizens of Georgia by two cars were detained recently in Luhansk region by border guards of BS “Krasna Talivka”. The cars stopped nearby the border, where border guards detected four men of Caucasian appearance. During the check of the documents it was established that detainees were citizens of Georgia of the age 20-62 years old. Now law enforcement agents clarify the conditions of apprehension.

Two more citizens of Georgia and one Russian were apprehended by detail of BS “Seredyna-Buda” of Sumy Detachment, who illegally got to Ukraine. Law enforcement agents stopped the car nearby the border inside of which there were “travelers”. After establishment of the circumstances of violation, a criminal case was instituted for illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine against one of the detained persons by the head Sumy Border Detachment.