Illegal migrants from Somalia were detained at Transcarpathian border


In the area of BS “V.Bereznyi” situation on detention of Somali illegal migrants was played like a game of chess by border guards of Transcarpathia and Slovakia…

«The first move” was made by illegal migrants, who meant that border guards would not have any power or inspiration to service attentively at 5 o’clock in the morning. However, border detail making their service at mentioned area detected some persons moving towards the state border with the help of thermal imager. After that, they made their “move”: the senior of border detail informed subdivision about this fact and continued observation, simultaneously Slovakian border guards were reported on this point. Usually the main group is divided for 2-3 small one before the border in order to increase their chances to get to EU.

Exactly happened the same, border guards of “V.Bereznyi” and their Slovakian colleagues detained two groups of trespassers. At the moment of detention, migrants did not have any documents, they just told that they were the citizens of Somalia and made their way to Western Europe.

Decision on responsibility before the Law and future destiny of detainees in Ukraine will be made by the court. At the present moment administrative-procedural actions and operative-checking measures are carried out with the aim to establish possible participation of citizens of Ukraine to transportation of illegal migrants.