Usually illegal migrants get to Transcarpathia from Moscow


70% illegal migrants get to Ukraine through the territory of Russia. For the most part, their route from Afghanistan goes through Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and from there to Russia – it is explained by the chief of Head Department on Fight against Corruption and Organized Criminality, Serhiy Tkachenko. Then illegal migrants get to Ukraine (usually to the capital or Luhansk, Kharkiv), and after that they are delivered secretly by transit through Vinnytsya and Lviv to Transcarpathia, from where it is easier to get to EU.                            
However, according to the words of Serhiy Tkachenko, illegal route through Ukraine is alternative option. The most popular way of smuggling the migrants from Afghanistan to Europe is from Iran through Turkey to Greece and other European countries.

In accordance with unofficial data, e.g. in order to get from Kabul to Vienna through Ukraine, illegal migrants have to pay from $12 to 20 thousand. It is a total scheme…As a rule, it is a guarantee person for the migrant from Afghanistan illegally staying in Kyiv or Vinnytsya. He looks for those persons who would like to smuggle migrants for money reward, – Serhiy Tkachenko explains. – When his country fellows inform that they are taken over the state border, the guarantee person pays the organizers. For example, our Transcarpathian organizers of the channel of illegal transportation of persons get about $2,5-3,5 thousand for each migrant. Thus, the perspective of getting, so to say, $25 thousand for 10 persons tempts local residents from border regions to be engaged in the crime, who are know well the locality.

Sometimes people agree to assist in illegal activity even for some hundreds UAH. It concerns especially smugglers, who can take the other side of the law for 200 UAH.

In order to detect and detain organizers and executors, SSU workers carry out special operations. Certainly, they do not detail their methods of detection. It happens when smugglers abscond from inquest bodies. However, sooner or later they are exposed for committed crime before the law.