Who wants to smuggle illegal migrants? Expensively…


There are enough persons wishing to earn money organizing the channel of illegal transportation of persons through the state border and especially these are persons who know the locality of Transcarpathia well. The chief of Head Department of Fight against Corruption and Organized Crime, Serhiy Tkachenko and deputy of Inquest Department Vyacheslav Dynys tell about international channels, laid ways by malefactors and how SSU officers fight against this negative phenomenon.

Money for smuggling were taken but affair was not brought to an end.

Deputy of Inquest Department of SSU, Vyacheslav Dynys remembers resonance case happened in 2007. Former border guard got down to smuggle Chechen family through Ukrainian-Slovakian state border – mother and 4 her small children. He took money for it, but the affair was not brought to an end. According to woman’s words, the accomplices of the organizer left her to the mercy of fate in unknown locality, showed her way deep into the forest and assured that Slovakia was beyond it. Kamisa Dzhamaldinova was roaming about unfamiliar area for some days. Her three daughters died because of supercooling. Kamisa succeeded to save only her 2-year-old son from death, whom she warmed by the heat of her body. She managed to reach … Poland. There, half-alive woman and the child were taken to Polish hospital, where Kamisa and her baby were recovering from suffer. Kamisa was granted refugee status.

The investigators of regional body visiting the place in order to collect evidences to commence criminal case as to organizers of Chechen smuggling marked that it was psychologically very hard to speak with mother, who lost her children…

As it was established, Kamisa took her daughters to medical treatment. Chechen doctors could not help them. As Kasima could not get to Europe legally, so she decided to make a desperate step. The story of Chechen woman was not left indifferent. Home and foreign Mass Media wrote about cynicism of the smugglers and tragedy of woman.

Last year SSU officers in Transcarpathian region found in Kyiv the organizer of the smuggling, who had already 4 years concealed from the inquest. For the present, the resonance case is tried in the court. Its decision will be brought into public.
…Vietnamese woman-organizer of illegal channel was arrested in the airport “Boryspil”. V.Dynys is recollecting one of multi-stage cases about smuggling of illegal migrants through the state border, which was investigated by the inspectors of Transcarpathian Administration of SSU. About ten persons were involved in criminal grouping from different regions of Ukraine, whose obligations were clearly defined. Besides, temporary premises were found beforehand in different districts of Kyiv, the so-called safe route was planned, period of time was figured out, the places of stops were discussed, etc. Each stage of smuggling of illegal migrants was accompanied by several accomplices. The group of illegal migrants was transported by the lorry in a special hiding place masked by glass jars. Persons involved in illegal activity even communicated between each other by the combinations of words understandable only by them as well as used conditional signs and things the like.

The criminal groupings were ruled by … woman-citizen of Vietnam – resident of Kyiv. Just she formed groups of illegal migrants in Moscow. Her accomplices, executors crossed Ukrainian-Russian border almost every day nearby Sumy region. They met a group of citizens from the countries of Southern-Eastern Asia (usually about 20 persons), took them beyond the check point to Ukrainian side and secretly transported to Kyiv. Thus, other involved persons to unlawful activity smuggled illegal migrants to Transcarpathia. Already on the territory of the region local resident “were responsible” for them – organizer and his accomplices. They directly smuggled Hindus, Pakistanis and Vietnamese beyond the check point through the state border of Ukraine. In the course of not full four months of the activity, the criminal grouping took almost 200 persons to EU. During the next attempt to smuggle migrants from Southern-Eastern Asia, Transcarpathian malefactors were detained by the workers of SSU.  Organizers and persons assisting them in unlawful activity were established during the pre-court inquest. Vietnamese woman, who was almost a year hiding from the inquest in her country of origin, was arrested by SSU officers in the airport “Boryspil” when she flew to visit her husband and children left in Kyiv.

The participants of the criminal grouping were imprisoned for different terms. Thus, organizers were sentenced to 5 years of prison and persons assisting them – for four years each.

Seven years of imprisonment for assistance in unlawful activity

According to statistics, the flow of illegal migrants has shortened. If in 2008 about 3 thousand illegal migrants were detected, in 2009 – 1600, so already in 2010 – just 570, last year this number was 517. However, SSU officers have enough work. Only for 2011 – 16 criminal cases were commenced for the organization of illegal transportation of persons through the state border. 34 persons were imprisoned for this kind of crime. Since the beginning of 2012, two channels of international channel of illegal migration were stopped. SSU inspectors commenced 4 criminal cases. Besides, 2 residents of Perechyn district were appointed a punishment in the form of 7 years of imprisonment.

Source: http://www.uzhgorod.net.ua/news/48982