Border guards detained Georgians and Moldavians in Transcarpathia


Border guards of BS “Tysa” (Transcarpathia) detected and prevented the attempt of illegal cross of the border with another’s passport documents during the check of the documents. In accordance with the results of the check they established that 2 citizen of Georgia joined in such an adventure presenting the passport of the citizens of Germany for control.

In the area of BS “Verkhovyna Bystra” another group of illegal migrants was apprehended with the help of local residents, who informed border guards about appearance of unknown persons in the suburb of the village. Already in 20 minutes, 3 violators were detained. According to their words, it became known that they were citizens of Moldova, who wanted to cross the border in order to get better life in EU countries.

Trespassers were delivered to border subdivision in order to establish all circumstances and draw up administrative-procedural documents. Decision on responsibility of detainees before the law and their further destiny will be made by the court.