Pseudo-Europeans were going to return “home” under the mask of football fans


Growth of passengers’ flow crossing the border during the European Football Championship has not influenced upon the watchfulness of the border guards. Thus, border guards prevented the attempt of illegal migrants to get to EU countries illegally under the mask of football fans.

One of them was the citizen of Iran wishing to get to France. The man arrived to check point “Shegeni” by the minivan in the composition of the group of football fans from Germany, who were just returning back home after the play of their football team. The traveller presented passport of the citizen of France for control, however the border guards of Mostytskyi Detachment doubted in possible forgery of the presented document. In the course of the check, they established that some pages in the passport were changed. Pseudo-Frenchman did not have any other documents identifying his personality. During the interview, the man confessed that he was the citizen of Iran and final point of his illegal trip should be namely France.

Two more pseudo-citizens of EU were detained. They made their way through the border by the train “Lviv-Wroclaw”. During the control, men presented the documents of the citizens of the Netherlands. Besides, travellers named themselves as football fans, who were going back home from the matches. Nevertheless, border guards established that these documents did not belong to them, then the men confessed in their nationality – they were citizens of Eritrea. The violators were detained in order to establish all circumstances and to find out where they got forged documents.