Georgians tried to buy freedom for € 150 at the border of Transcarpathia


Local residents noticed unfamiliar persons in the border area in the morning time and immediately informed the border guards. Aiming to check information and detain unfamiliar persons, operative group started to the place.  After a while, border guards stopped the trespassers.

Two men and one woman intended to cross the border illegally. All detainees introduced themselves as citizens of Georgia, however, only one man could confirm his citizenship and identification of his personality.

As it happens in the most cases of detention of illegal migrants, the goal of their trip was to get to desired European Union. But the troubles of detainees were not over. During the realization of verification activities one of the detainees addressed to the border guards with a proposal “to give” freedom to all detainees for monetary compensation in the sum of € 150.

The officer reported about this fact to the board. All circumstances are established now on the fact of monetary compensation offering to the official person of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the year, border guards of Chop Detachment apprehended about 200 illegal migrants, about 20 persons of them were the citizens of Georgia.