“Way to West” leads migrants to the village Zhuravychi, Volyn


Foreigners often get to Volyn Temporary Holding Facility in the v. Zhuravychi from crossing points in Chop and Mostysk. The establishment is equipped on the base of former military town (opened in September 2008). The territory of the Centre is 21,2 hectares. It is designed for 165 places: 123 places (2 hostels) for men and 42 places for women and children. It was reported to participants of press tour from Uzhgorod press-club by director of THF, Valeriy Demchuk. 

Somali representatives (36) are in majority of those staying in the Centre, Afghans – 21, Moldavians – 7. In general, in the course of centre’s existence, representatives of 19 countries stayed in it. At the present moment, there are 98 persons. They often get here from crossing points in Chop and Mostysk.

According to the words of Centre’s director, migrants are led here by the “way to West”. As a rule, they are without documents. During the period of their personality establishment (not more than a year) court places them to THF. After that, other services are engaged in forced expel of migrants from Ukraine.

Director also told that after release, e.g. Somalis, go to Vinnytsya (there are a lot of their country fellows, human rights activists there), citizens of Afghanistan – to Odessa. Often detainees in the centre are visited by their relatives from West European countries.

There were two cases this year, when migrants left the Centre without permission (escaped from medical establishments).

The annual budget of the establishment comprises more than UAH 6 million. 142 persons work here.

There was a case when a baby was born in the Centre. The oldest migrant was 61 years old. Majority of persons are of the age 30 years old. There were a lot talented persons among the residents of the Centre – musicians, etc.

Meals in the Centre correspond to standards foreseen by appropriate regulations. As it was reported by the staff of the Centre, food allowance includes vegetables, meat and other products (at the same time, meat is foreseen less than for soldiers). Persons staying in the Centre are provided with the service of “away shop” – orders are made tentatively and then ordered items are brought from the shop. During Ramadan Muslims had supper at dark time as well as they were fed additionally at 2 a.m..

Volyn public organizations as well as representatives of UNHCR take care of migrants.

The participants of the press tour had opportunity to view the conditions in which foreigners live as well as to communicate with them. Thus, citizen of Bangladesh Dzhahid Hassan Dzhahid confessed in his intention to get to Italy. Now this man agrees to return to Bangladesh – according to his words he awaits for corresponding documents and a ticket.

The head of the Centre showed to journalists the reception office, library, hostels, school class, etc. By the way, since September three children of the foreigners in the Centre study in accordance with school syllabus.

Source: http://zaholovok.com.ua/doroga-na-zakhid-privodit-migrantiv-u-szhuravichi-na-volini