Georgian sent friends to Slovakia through a “hole” at the border in Transcarpathia


Public Prosecutor’s Office in Transcarpathian region has already directed a criminal case to the court concerning the citizen of Georgia, who organized illegal transportation of four his country fellows through the state border of Ukraine. This kind of crime is punished by imprisonment for the term from three to seven years with confiscation of means of crime commitment.

It was established that Georgian permanently living in Mukachevo and working as a taxi driver, on July 5, 2012 met a bus with four citizens of Georgia, settled and then took to the forest in Perechyn district not far from the border on Slovakian Republic.

Taxi driver took their passport and $400, showed the route on which they came to the fence of barbed wire at the border line. Making a hole, migrants set off to EU countries. In the morning, they got to one of Slovakian villages, where they were detained by local border guards and delivered to Ukraine.