Transcarpathian border guards detained 7 citizens of Moldova at the border


During the day, border guards of Chop Detachment stopped several attempts of illegal cross of the state border beyond the check points. In two cases in the area of BS “Novoselytsya”, due to able skills of the border details and apply of technical devices of border security, five citizens of Republic of Moldova were caught intending to get illegally to Slovakia.

In the first case, border guards stopped the trip of two citizens of Moldova, who were walking at night and did not have any documents identifying them. In the second case, the trio of the travellers detained in the morning confirmed their personalities at once by showing their documents to the border guards. The third detention was carried out by the staff of border post “Onokovtsy” of BS “Uzhgorod”. Early in the morning, border detail detected two violators, who tried to overcome the barrage fence and get to Slovakia beyond the checkpoint. But the trip of unfamiliar persons stopped 200 m before the state borderline. As detainees reported, they were citizens of Moldova and during arrest, they did not have any document, which could identify them. Men made their way to one of the countries of European Union.

After apprehension, all trespassers were delivered to subdivisions in order to establish the circumstances of infringement and prepare administrative and procedural documents. Decision about responsibility before the law and their further destiny will be made by the court.