Illegal migrants from Afghanistan and Sri Lank were left at the border of Transcarpathia


Illegal migrants were stopped at night after alarm system operation by the border guards of BS “Uzhgorod”. “Travellers” have not reached cherished Europe a few meters, men intended to get to Austria. However, during the night “walk” a smuggler ordered Afghans to stop for having rest, and he had gone. According to their words, each of them paid $ 2000 for the trip.

Four more illegal migrants were detained at railway station of Uzhgorod. The men had just got out of the train. As detainees explained, they were citizens of Sri Lanka and intended to get to one of EU countries. The day before the men met one person, who agreed to help them. For his services, he took $1500 from each. After payment, man took their passports and ordered to go to Uzhgorod assuring them that it would be already Europe and there they would be able to ask political asylum.

Before weekends, two Algerians were caught in the area of Chop Border Detachment. Last month after finishing the preparatory courses, they entered one of the universities of Dnepropetrovsk. However, as they had to pay for education they decided to get illegally to France in order to find job. The choice of the country was made because relatives of one of them had lived there. Their route, citizens of Algeria planned with the help of the Internet.