Parents sent from Africa two young men and girl to look for better life


In the airport of Donetsk officers of State Border Service apprehended 3 citizens of Nigeria. During the registration of the passengers’ documents of the flight “Istanbul-Donetsk” law enforcement agents detected forged documents. Documents of three Nigerians, young men of 17 and 21 and 16-year-old girl, contained the signs about the cross of the state border of Ukraine, which were completely forged. In the course of the interview, citizens of Nigeria confessed that they arrived to Ukraine for the first time and they were not students of any Ukrainian higher educational establishments, as reported before. They intended to get to Ukraine with the aim of further trip to the countries of European Union and documents were prepared by their parents.

Five more illegal migrants were detained by the border guards of Chop Detachment in Transcarpathia. Local residents informed border guards of BS “Guta” about appearance of unknown persons in that area. As it was established, all of them were citizens of Moldova and they made their way to Slovakia.