Kherson official turned illegal migrants into refugees for fee


Agents of SSU have recently arrested the official of State Migration Service in Kherson region, who helped illegal migrants to get to Ukraine.

In the course of almost two years, an administrator of one of the departments of SMS in Kherson region issued illegally documents to migrants from Afghanistan and Africa. All “guests” of the country were granted refugee status with a helping hand of her. On this purpose they had to arrive to Ukraine to process documents – everything was done by enterprising state servicewoman for a definite fee. “Honorarium” of suspected woman comprised from $2 to 5 thousand.

The official not only unlawfully executed all necessary documents but also provided “clients” with travel documents for them to cross the state border of Ukraine without difficulty. SSU officers apprehended the woman, when she intended to take 150 personal cases of the refugees out of administrative building, – probably to destruct and conceal the crime.