Luhansk border guards apprehended six illegal migrants


Six travellers from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Eritrea were apprehended by the border guards of BS “Sverdlovsk” of Luhansk Detachment.

Border guards stopped 24-year-old Ukrainian during the control of the state border, who transported three travellers without documents. It was established that two detainees, one of whom was a woman, were migrants from Eritrea, and one more man was the resident of Pakistan. Soon in the course of searching actions in the suburb of the village Sverdlovsk, border detail detained one more citizen of Eritrea and two citizens of Afghanistan. Our country fellow, the resident of Luhansk region, also decided to lift these citizens.

According to the explanations of all detainees, they travelled in the search of better fate. A criminal case was commenced by the chief of Luhansk Border Detachment against two Ukrainians who are suspected in illegal transportation of persons through the state border.