German was detained helping his friend to get to Poland


Border detail of BS “Krakivets” of Mostytsk Detachment apprehended two men nearby the state border. One of the detainees had passport for travelling abroad of the citizen of Germany, another man had document for travelling abroad of a native of Russian federation.

In the course of circumstances establishment it became known that violators arrived to Ukraine on legal basis. However, 32-year-old German, native of Russia, tried to help his friend to cross the border illegally. As if in the search of better life, Russian man wanted to find a job in Germany. Thus, friends decided to get illegally to Poland and then they had to be met and sent to Germany.

These citizens were called to administrative responsibility for attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine illegally. Their further destiny will be decided by the court. Besides, materials on the infringement are passed over to investigation body of SSU in Lviv region, where legal decision will be made in accordance with Part 3 Article 332 of Crime Code of Ukraine.