Border guards apprehended two Cameroons making their way to Europe


Not long ago border guards of BS “Guta” of Chop Detachment apprehended two illegal migrants from Africa. The trespassers intended to get to EU countries illegally beyond the check point.  Two unfamiliar persons moving in the direction to Ukrainian-Slovakian border were noticed by local residents, who informed the border guards about them at once. Already in some minutes border guards detained two men not far from the border. On demand to present documents identifying them, “travellers” reported that they had no any documents and they were the citizens of Cameroon. Trespassers were called to administrative responsibility in the form of the fine payment.

Two Italians, German and Korean were also called to administrative responsibility for the violation of the rules on stay on the territory of Ukraine. They had also to pay a fine for exceeding the term of their stay in Ukraine.