Criminals smuggled 39 Pakistanis through the border in Transcarpathia


Sentence of Appeal Court of Sumy oblast came into force as to 11 participants of the criminal grouping, which organized illegal cross of Ukrainian-Slovakian border by 39 citizens of Pakistan during September –October 2008.

It was established that in the end of September 2008, 39-year-old unemployed resident of Glukhov, Summy oblast, agreed to smuggle Pakistanis through the state border. On this purpose, he involved 28-year-old native of Sumy. According to criminal plan, accomplices met illegal migrants in the neighborhood of the village Revyakino, Sumy oblast, not far from Russian-Ukrainian border, from where they secretly delivered them by a lorry to Kyiv region. Then, 38-year-old unemployed resident of Perechyn region, Transcarpathian oblast and 47-year-old business owner, resident of the town Belaya Cerkov, in secret transported the group of illegal migrants to Slavskyi region, Lviv oblast. There criminals handed over foreigners to their Transcarpathian accomplices, who smuggled illegal migrants to Transcarpathia and temporarily hided Pakistanis at one of the houses of the town Bolshoi Bereznyi situated nearby Ukrainian-Slovakian state border. For conspiracy, illegal migrants were smuggled over the border by small groups.

In October 2008, SSU officers apprehended 59-year-old participant of the criminal grouping at the place of temporary concealment of illegal migrants. Soon, her accomplices were arrested.

SSU inspectors commenced a criminal case concerning the detainees in accordance with Part 2 Article 332 (illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine) and Part 1 Article 255 (foundation of criminal organization) of Criminal Code of Ukraine.

In the frames of initiated criminal case, police operatives searched and detained 4 more participants of the crime concealing from the inquest for a long time.

Appeal Court of Sumy oblast sentenced a punishment to 11 figurants of this criminal case in the form of imprisonment for the period of 3 to 4 years with appointment of probation period from 1,6 to 3 years.

According to the materials of SSU in Transcarpathian oblast, 8 criminal cases have been initiated since the beginning of the year as to organizers of illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine (Part 2 and 3 of Article 332 of Criminal Code of Ukraine), there were 5 disclosed international channels of illegal transportation of migrants of Southern-Eastern Asia and Northern Africa to EU countries through the territory of Ukraine.  Nine sentences were made as to criminal cases as regards 27 accused persons for organization of illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine.