2012: results of work of State Border Service of Ukraine on migration issues


In the course of border control, officers of State Border Service detected 179 persons having someone’s passports, 381 citizens used forged document and more than 16 thousand persons were apprehended with invalid documents. During the year, for administrative infringements fines were imposed for the sum of almost 30 million UAH, which is 10% more in comparison with 2011.

Besides, during the year 2012 the officers of SBS of Ukraine detected 2181 illegal migrants. 1117 persons were detained for illegal cross of the border, which is 12% less in comparison with the previous year (2011 – 1263 persons). It is worth to mark that starting from 2008 a tendency is observed in decrease in the number of detainees and non-admitted migrants, first of all potential illegal migrants detected during the attempts of entrance at the check points. There are citizens of Moldova, Georgia, Afghanistan and Somalia in the majority among detentions for illegal cross of the state border, violation of the rules on stay in Ukraine and other infringements. Peculiar activity of illegal travellers is observed at Ukrainian-Slovakian border. Just at this area of the border, border guards apprehended 440 potential illegal migrants for illegal cross of the border during the year. In general, in the course of the last year 4644 potential illegal migrants were not admitted to enter Ukraine, which is 27% less than in the previous year (2011 – 6,3 thousand). The main reasons of non-admission to Ukrainian territory were: “travellers” could not tell the goal of their trip, or higher educational establishment, in which they as if had to study.


Source: http://pvu.gov.ua/ua/about/news/news_1032.htm