Transcarpathian succeeded to smuggle 19 illegal migrants over the border


Sentence of Uzhgorod Municipal Regional Court came into force concerning 55-year-old local resident, native of Irshava region – one of the member of organized criminal grouping, which tried to smuggle 19 illegal migrants through the state border.

In 2009, the resident of v.Zarechie, Irshava region together with other local residents and a person from the village of Vlasovka, Krasnodon region, Luhansk oblast, planned illegal transportation of foreign citizens through Ukrainian-Russian border. The malefactors sought up a group of illegal migrants in the capital of Russian Federation and from there they intended to smuggle them through Ukraine to EU countries. Criminals were acting on the clear scheme. Transcarpathian men got to the suburbs of Moscow by truck, where they met 19 illegal migrants – native of India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. First, they delivered secretly illegal migrants to the area adjoining to the line of the state border of Russia and Ukraine. Then migrants were passed to Luhansk accomplice smuggling foreigners beyond the check point through Russian-Ukrainian border.

These criminals planned to transport the group of illegal migrants by the truck from Luhansk region to Transcarpathia. The same day, malefactors and foreigners were detected and arrested by law enforcement agents, however 55-year-old Transcarpathian managed to escape.

In the frames of criminal case instituted according to Part 2 Article 332 (illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine committed as to preliminary agreement by the group of persons), fugitive was announced in the search. In June 2012, Transcarpathian SSU workers arrested him. Uzhgorod Municipal Court recognized this citizen of Ukraine as guilty and appointed him punishment in the form of imprisonment for 4 years with determined probationary term for 2 years. The same punishment was appointed by the court to his accomplices, resident of Irshana – in April 2011 and the native of Luhansk region – in February 2010.