Russian without passport got over the border from Slovakia to Transcarpathia


Border guards of Chop Detachment detained a man, who crossed the state border from Slovakia to Ukraine illegally. He made a decision to overcome the state border illegally at night time in the border area of BS “Palad Komarivtsi”. Border guards of mentioned department went off immediately and already in some metres before the border they stopped illegal “trip” of the trespasser. Detained man introduced himself as citizen of Russian Federation, however, he could not present any identification documents to border guards. In the course of establishment of infringement circumstances, 24-year-old Russian told that he lost his documents while staying in Germany and he tried to get to Russia in order to renew them. As to chosen route of the trip, he explained that during the travel to the east he used navigation cards from the Internet due to which he got to Velykyi Kapushan (Slovakia) and intended to get to Ukraine, where he was apprehended by the border guards. Administrative and procedural document on illegal cross of the state border were processed against the trespasser and according to the court decision he was called to administrative responsibility in the form of administrative arrest. After serving defined punishment, the violator was handed over to Slovakian law enforcement agents in accordance with Agreement between Ukraine and European Community about readmission of persons.

Press service of Chop Border Detachment