Border guards apprehended 5 persons with forged and someone’s passports


A trespasser from western Asia was detained at the railway station of the check point “Yagodyn”. During the border-customs registration of the train “Kyiv-Warsaw” border guards of Lutsk Detachment detected a foreigner that intended to get to Poland with someone’s passport. With the help of special devices, it was established that document was valid and it did not belong to the bearer.

Two more violators were apprehended by the border guards of Ismail Detachment in Odessa oblast. They were detected in regular bus “Odessa-Varna” (Bulgaria) directing through the check point “Vynogradivka”. During the check in of the passengers, two citizens of Russia presented forged documents of the citizens of Bulgaria for passport control, in which the pages with constituent date were changed.

Besides, in the airport Boryspil border guards of separate check point “Kyiv” 34-year-old citizen of Ukraine was detained during the check in of the passengers making their way to Vienna. The man presented a forged passport of the citizen of Estonia. Ukrainian explained that he bought this document during his stay abroad for € 3500 with the aim of legalization. Also at the same airport, 25-year-old man was also apprehended, who arrived by the flight from Dubai. As it was established, the passenger was a person without citizenship from Syria, however he gave the passport of the citizen of Bulgaria for control. At the present moment, the man is returned by a return flight to the country of departure.