Ukrainian passport for Arabic terrorists for $80 thousand. Investigation goes on (documents)


The publication of the newspaper “Segodnya” appeared according to preliminary results of the investigation on the activity of the Crimean Passport Service issuing false passports of the citizens of Ukraine for Palestinian terrorists is directed to Embassies of Israel in Ukraine and Russian Federation together with additional documents. It was reported by the coordinator of Regional Human Rights Group “Peninsula Crimea” Mark Ben-Naim.

«Comments of the chief deputy of Head Administration of State Migration Service of Ukraine in the AR Crimea, Peter Yarosh about the fact that Ben-Naim informed about the citizens of Turkey arriving to Ukraine in the search of the fiancées is refuted by the copies of the passports of indicated “fiancés” and by the lists of documented Palestinians by the passports of Ukraine in the Crimea (are published partially). Thus, non-existent state Palestine forming a part in the capacity of autonomy in the State of Israel is written in the column “place of residence” in the passport. Besides, it is said about registered members of the family – women and children that is confirmed by the lists of Palestinians, where, judging by the dates of birth they have children, judging by the names – women.” – Mark ben-Naim said. “I certainly understand that it is a rule for the Muslims to get marry early, but I doubt whether Ukrainians are ready to marry children, especially women of 1954 year of birth.”

More than a year and a half a criminal case has collected dust in the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the AR Crimea, which was commenced against the indicated facts concerning the chief of those days  of DCIRPP of HAMOI (Department of Citizenship, Immigration and Registration of Physical Persons of Head Administration of Ministry of Interior) and nowadays the first chief deputy of Head Administration of State Migration Service of Ukraine in ARC, Sergey Babashyn, who introduced the present scheme of issue of Ukrainian passport to Palestinians in 2007, when the members of terroristic Palestinian units escaped massively from Palestine after blows of the Israel Defense Army.  However, the criminal case is still without any movement, and the scheme goes on working. No wonder, that Sergey Babashyn gets EIGHTY THOUSAND DOLLARS for each passport of this type. The truth is that this sum includes the bribes and kickbacks for persons participating in the scheme. In the near future, in case I will not be killed, I am going to  conduct a press-conference, where I plan to demonstrate the lists and the copies of the passports as well as to retell additional details”, – it was reported by the human rights activist.